Rossi’s brothers were born and raised among vineyards in Gaiole where the Chianti heart and Sangiovese is beating.

They have carried his father’s passion, Marco, who has been working in the winery for more than 40 years and is still a wine master to them.

Casanova di Bricciano is classic yet contemporary farming business. Back in the 50’s, Pietro and Gino Rossi bought that estate in Gaiole in Chianti.

Ten years later, Andrea Rossi graduated as agricultural expert by focusing in viticulture and enology. Fabio, followed Andrea in his study career and they both decided to renewed the farmhouse by adding a new cellar (in order to make wine and link the production cycle, from the vineyard to the bottle). The vineyards expanded from four hectares to the seven and largely renovated.

Passion has always been the feature that made and still making the family alive.

Andrea and Fabio are taking care of the whole processes and Filippo, the youngest brother, has also become part of the family business. The supervision and precious help of his father Marco is very important and fundamental.

All stages of production are therefore carried out independently, starting from the agronomic part of the countryside up to the enological the cellar. A new Family Winery, which will certainly continue to evolve over the next few years…


The first step

Pietro, Bruna e Gino acquistano il podere passando da mezzadri a contadini


Farmer's rest

Tipica pausa contadina ricca di energie



Transizione da colture promiscue a colture specializzate